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      Rabbit Removal & Control


      You might not think of rabbits as pests, but if you’ve ever tried to maintain a vegetable garden, you’ll know all about the difficulties rabbits pose to those living in rural areas.

      From Yorkshire to Surrey and across the UK as a whole, rabbits are one of the countryside’s most challenging pests to control. Whether you’re working off the land or trying to maintain a vegetable patch in your garden, it is vital to keep the local rabbit population under control.

      JG Pest Control offers rabbit removal and control services throughout the UK, with our technicians both experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to controlling the local population to save your garden.

      What Are the Signs of a Rabbit Infestation?

      Rabbits are largely nocturnal, so you may never see them in your garden or on your land. A few signs to look out for in the daylight hours are:

      • Half-eaten, cleanly-bitten vegetation and flowers – rabbits will eat any plant they can reach
      • Freshly-dug holes in turf (as a result of burrowing)
      • Damage to tree bark
      • Tracks and droppings

      These are signs that specifically indicate a rabbit problem, as opposed to foxes and badgers (which will leave different droppings) or insects (which leave jagged bite marks in plants).

      It could take weeks for you to discover that you have a rabbit problem, so we always endeavour to solve your issue at the earliest opportunity after you get in touch with us – this will minimise further inconvenience and damage on your part.

      For leading rabbit removal services in your area, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on 01603 522130

      How To Deter Rabbits

      If rabbits see your garden as a source of food, they will keep returning, making it impossible to remove them without taking extreme measures.

      Rabbits are attracted by flowers and vegetation, so one of the simplest ways to deter them is to ensure that the plants you’re growing are protected by strong fencing. The fencing should be positioned deep in the ground and bent outwards to prevent rabbits from tunnelling underneath it.

      You can also consider using animal repellent (such as aluminium ammonium sulphate) on plants, but remember that this is not a measure to be taken when the plants are close to harvesting because they will render them inedible.

      For leading rabbit control services throughout the UK, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now on 01603 522130 .


      Emergency Rabbit Control Services, call 01603 522130

      JG’s Rabbit Removal Service

      Rabbit removal is a core service for rural pest controllers, and we pride ourselves on being able to resolve any rabbit infestation, no matter how severe it might be.

      Our priority is always to solve the problem as quickly as possible to minimise damage and inconvenience on your part.

      For more advice please call JG Pest Control.

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