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      Glis Glis


      There are few companies experienced in dealing with glis problems. Our local technicians mean that we are able to provide rapid response to all areas associated with glis control.

      In order to control glis you must be licenced by Natural England.
      JG Pest Control hold a current,
      “Class licence to trap Edible (or Fat) Dormice, Glis glis (also known as Myoxus glis)”

      JG Pest Control have been the leading, trusted pest control company for glis control for several years, dealing with hundreds every year means that we are the preferred servicing company in the area.

      Signs of a Problem With Glis Glis Control

      • Droppings. Often leave dropping deposits sporadically. Meaning they can make quite a mess of a loft space in a relatively short time.
      • Sighting. The animal looks like large mice with squirrel tails. You may catch a glimpse of them in your loft space if you have a problem. However they move very quickly.
      • Sounds. As a rodent their front teeth constantly grow similar to rats and mice, this means they constantly gnaw to prevent the teeth growing into their skull. They often gnaw wood, metals such as copper and aluminium, plastics and other materials. This can be very loud, especially when it is just above your head! In mating season the males are particularly noisy.
      • Damage. They will use a variety of materials to create their nests, including insulation and wood chips, as well as items stored in the loft. Belongings may also become contaminated with urine or faeces. Damage also caused by their natural constant gnawing.

      Glis can be very annoying and when you have reached your tether we are here to help, including out of hours and at weekend, for emergency service

      For leading glis removal services in Norfolk, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on 01603 522130

      As a licensed glis control & removal company and the leading pest control company in the area, we are confident we can help you.

      About the ‘edible or fat dormouse’ (Glis Glis Control)

      Glis are very agile creatures, the are often mistaken for squirrels by those who are unaware of the species. However they are small and not related to the squirrel at all. They live in woodland areas and feed on nuts, berries, pine cones, seeds and other fruits.

      Problems usually come about with the change of weather as they look to hibernate around October/ November time. Often this means they will find their way into your loft space or cavity walls. During mating season they can cause a lot of noise as they run throughout cavities and loft spaces.

      These animals are protected and only licensed companies can deal with the removal of them. JG glis control have the licences and experience required to safely remove your glis problems.


      Rid Glis From Your Home,
      call 01603 522130

      Removing Glis From Your Property

      1. Survey. First step is to confirm the species is in fact glis and not a different rodent. Areas of activity will be noted.
      2. Eradication. There are specialist traps that are passed for the use with these animals, some other rodent traps are not passed and therefore it is illegal to use them. We will set up the correct traps to eradicate the pests in the quickest and most humane way possible.
      3. Proofing. Sometimes it is possible to prevent reoccurrences by proofing or blocking the holes. We will be able to give you a quotation for this repair work on one of your pest control visits.
      4. Guarantee. All our services come with an above industry standard guarantee.
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